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24/7 Mobile Road Calls

Broadleaf Diesel’s highly trained technicians can assist with your breakdown needs anytime you’re in a bind. We offer 24/7 mobile service for heavy duty trucks, trailers, transport refrigeration, and tire repairs.

Wash Services

Swing by Broadleaf Diesel to get your Truck or Trailer washed today. Our specialized equipment can get you in and out quickly with little to no wait time. Our staff takes pride in caring for your equipment. 

Washouts are available for dry-van, refrigerated, hopper bottom, dump, walking floor and belt wagon trailers.

Trailer Repairs

With top-of-the-line technicians and technology, our shop offers a wide selection of trailer maintenance items such as: lights, ABS Systems, brakes, airbags, suspension bushings, landing gear repairs, and metal fabrication.

Transportation Refrigeration Repairs

Our technicians are highly trained refrigeration specialists. We provide service for Carrier and Thermo King and stock oem replacement parts for Carrier and Thermo King.

Heavy Duty Truck Repair & Service

Broadleaf Diesel offers a wide selection of repair services ranging from routine oil changes to emission diagonastics and repair. Other services include: clutch, transmission, starter, radiator, alternator, turbo, EGR, rear-end, brake, and a variety of other repair offerings.



Heavy & Medium Truck Repair
  • Diagnostics
  • A/C Repairs (Condenser, Radiators, Compressor, Drier etc.)
  • Lights and Electrical repairs
  • Suspension Airbags, brake chambers, ABS System
  • Exhaust, Emission, After treatment
  • Batteries, Starters, Alternators & much more
Preventave Maintance
  • Grease & Full Services
  • DOT – inspections
  • DPF Filter replacements
  • Air Drier Yearly Filter replacement
  • Transmission Services
Trailer Repair
  • Electrical and lights 
  • Door repair and replacements
  • ICC Bumpers
  • Mudflap / Brackets
  • Brake Chamber, airbags, ABS Valves and sensors
  • Floor Repair, Roof Repair
  • Landing gear and bat wing replacement
  • Wheel seals, hub, brake shoes, drums, and bearings & much more
Truck / Trailer Wash and Washout
  • Truck Wash $60
  • Truck / Trailer Wash $80
  • Trailer Outside Wash $60
  • Washout Hopper Bottom & Dump $80
  • Washout Reefer $50
  • Washout Straight Truck $30

We stock a small inventory of tires, we can offer a verity of brands and sizes from tier 1 premium tires to a more cost friendly tire.

  • Drive LP 22.5
  • 11R22.5
  • Super Single
  • Recap – Trailer and Drive
  • Steer Tires
24 / 7 Mobile Service
  • Heavy & Medium Duty Trucks
  • Trailers
  • Refrigeration Trailers
  • Tires
  • Small repairs
Transport Refrigeration Repairs
  • Carrier & Thermo King Repairs
  • Charge System
  • Belts and Electrical Repairs
  • Battery, Alternator, Starters
  • Fuel / Priming

about us

Broadleaf Trucking is a family-owned business that was founded in 1975. It has grown to operate over 60 trucks with 130 trailers that cover dry vans, Refrigerated vans and Flat beds. In 2015 the family started an additional business that partners closely with the trucking company, Broadleaf Logistics. Now, Broadleaf Trucking has branched out another business Broadleaf Diesel into their empire of companies. Broadleaf Diesel will continue to work on Broadleaf Trucking equipment, but now will also be open to the public. We have a shop with fully equipped staff, parts, and experience for everyone’s needs. Broadleaf Diesel’s goal is to help the surrounding counties in any mechanical services that will help get your equipment back up and running.

Our Team

Michael Long

Shop Lead Supervisor

Kendall Sloan

Truck and Trailer Technician

Hubert Coleman

Trailer Technician

Jesus Medina

Trailer Technician/Wash Lab

Warren Humphries

Dispatch Support

Robert Bentley

Trailer Technician

Hubert Coleman

Trailer Technician

Jacob Baugher

Truck Technician

Richard Youngblood

Truck & Trailer Technician

Christopher Youngblood

Truck and Trailer Wash Specialist

Juan Mendez

Truck Technician

Michael Casteel

Trailer Technician

Robbie Moore

Trailer Technician

Brandon Hicks

Trailer Refrigeration Technician –

Froylan Lopez (Flo)

Wash Lab


    3333 Freedom Lane SE – Moultrie, GA – 31788


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